Types of bed

If someone is interested in buying a bed, some key factors always play a part in the type of bed they get to walk home with. Durability, the space it will occupy, comfort impact one’s decision. Therefore, you find beds coming in all types and price ranges. To cater to all these different types of preferences, this article will highlight some of the best types of beds to help you choose the best type that suits your style.

Divan Bed

Divan BedDivan beds are popular among the current breed of homeowners who are keen on design and versatility. A divan bed is typically a mattress placed on a movable divan base. The base is made of a compact wooden frame covered with a fabric matching the mattress. However, you can play with the color of the fabrics to meet your taste. The divan base also has a concealed drawer that provides extra storage. Furthermore, the base is mounted on gliders which help with movability of the bed around the bedroom.

The Divan bed can come as a complete package including a headboard to make a complete bed structure. However, it also features as a base and a mattress placed on top of it. This type of divan bed allows you to choose a mattress of your choice to place on the base. Divan beds come in different sizes and styles giving you a pool of options to choose from.

Ottoman Bed

Ottoman BedAn Ottoman bed is a bed that offers you increased storage capacity for your room without having to compromise on functionality and the look of your bed. The Ottoman bed has a concealed storage underneath the mattress with a space adequate to fit in two suitcases. Furthermore, the bed is designed in a way that allows you to expose the concealed storage without having to disarrange the pillows and bed sheets.

The bed comes in different styles and features to enhance the appearance of your bedroom. The bed has in-built gas struts to hold the bed and its components in place as you access the underneath storage unit. Additionally, this bed comes in a variety of designs which gives you a variety of options on bed frames to choose from when buying an Ottoman bed.

Guest Bed

Guest BedThis type of bed is popular among people who tend to have many visitors. The guest bedroom has a compartment beneath the bed frame that houses an extra mattress. The extra mattress helps your guests to have a peaceful sleep when they visit. It helps portrays you as a caring person to your friends, family, and relatives

The second bed completely fits beneath the bed to reduce any cluttering in the bedroom. The bed was made with this in mind. Extra mattresses tend to cause cluttering in the house due to inadequate spaces to store them in. But with guest beds, you do not have to worry about this anymore. It gives you the chance to own a set of sleeping spaces on single bed space.

It is further fitted with a secondary spring bed stands which hold the extra mattress in place if you want to combine them to make a double bed.

In essence, this guest bed is perfect if you are trying to increase sleeping space without raising a lot of attention. It is ideal for families with children who have frequent sleepovers and those owning guest rooms. It is a perfect answer for temporary guest sleeping space and can be fitted to sleep on in a few minutes.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh BedsSleigh beds are trendy among individuals with a taste for elegance from houzz.com. This means it is ideal for those with deep pockets and is not afraid to spend on the finest of items. They come in a variety of materials and intricate designs that makes it difficult to adjust for space like its peers. The sleigh bed has vintage designs which are highlighted by its sleigh-like frames. The sleigh beds give your room an old-fashioned look which complements several types of furniture.

The vintage appearance is enhanced by the detailed carvings that are engraved onto the frame of a sleigh bed. This type of bed is mainly made of mahogany, oak for firmness and durability. New designs are these days incorporated in the making of sleigh beds to give them a modern, urban touch. Leather and upholstered choices are also available to choose from.

Sleigh beds are designed to make a statement when someone enters your bedroom. The sleigh bed displays stature and elegance.

Mid-Sleeper Bed

The mid-sleeper is ideal for families with children and are trying to maximize space. The mid-sleeper bed is designed like a double-decker bed, but the top bed is the only one used to sleep with a space left under the top bed to fit a desk or a cabinet. The bed stands at the chest height of a normally-grown male. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your child falling. Furthermore, it is fitted with holding grills to protect your child from falling during sleep.

The space underneath the bed is the standout feature of this comfortable and secure bed. This space gives you a chance as a parent to be imaginative on what to build for your child under their bed. You can build a castle under the bed, or you can buy a customized mid-sleeper bed that has fitted tent beneath it. The tent is excellent for indoor camping activities with family during the weekends and holidays.

Bunk Bed

Bunk BedBunk beds are synonymous in boarding school dormitories, the military, prisons, hostels. They are made to maximize on space. In the areas mentioned above, it is known that they are packed with people. And in order to house all those available in the limited space available, bunk beds become the best choice.

Bunk beds hold two beds at once. According to experts from bestmattress.reviews, the bed supports two mattresses which makes it able to house two individuals in a single bed’s space. The two mattresses are separated by a ladder which connects the upper bunk with the floor. The ladder helps in reducing the commotion when one is accessing the top bunk. The frames are made of different, durable materials such as wood, metal for the strong support of the weights.

This bed is perfect for a group of people living in a single room. The maximization on space and the ability to hold two mattresses at once makes it a must-have for people living in squeezed spaces. The bunk beds can also be unmounted to create two separate beds. This type of bunk bed help you save money when your children outgrow bunk beds, and you have enough space to mount the beds separately. The types of bed especially the bunk beds, play a role in your comfortability. Therefore, deep consideration should be taken to get value for money.

Day Bed

Day BedDay BedA day bed serves two masters at once quite successfully. This seat cum bed is a sofa during the day and is converted into a bed during the night, or in case the need for a sleeping area is needed. The day bed conceals the mattress underneath the seat using frames fitted on three sides. The frames can be made out of metal or wood depending on the preference of the buyer. Customized day beds are equipped with an extra mattress under the base of the bed to provide space for another person.

The standout feature of this bed is its versatility. Urbanization is real and needs to use the smallest space available well, is vital. And which household component to help you do this like your day bed.

Day beds occupy a lot of space, and they are perfect if you want to ease the clutter in your room with unnecessary furniture. They only need some extra touch of colorful cushions and throws and you are set up.

Upholstered Bed

This bed has detailed designs which incorporate different materials to cover the surface of a bed frame using soft linen and cushions. The headboard and the bed are made using buttons and seams that help enhance the exterior of the bed. These materials improve the quality of the exterior used to cover the frames.

The materials used to design the frame of an upholstered bed are very delicate and need a lot of care in maintenance. However, it reciprocates the care with a lot of comfort and warmth.

Upholstered beds are designed with luxury in mind, and they come in different types ranging from leather, silk to velvet and other vintage fabrics that suit different tastes.


The type of bed that you end up choosing from this comprehensive list will depend on the need that you want to achieve with your bed. The needs might vary. There might be the need to save on space or the need to invest in a piece of durable furniture. Going through this list will help you settle on the best type of bed that suits you.