Couchfest Films 2011--YO!

Reykjavik: Truth & Fiction

Rosin Boat, Behind Maritime Museum,Reykjavik Old Harbour 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Map Link

Cost: Free

Show times: 4pm

Other hosts in this city: Yes

Hosts: Special Tours
Capacity: 55
Parking: Yes

Notes: Due to the weather, the boat location has changed. The boat will be parked safely in the harbor behind the Maritime Museum. Still excited to show the great films on this boat. The map link above indicates the correct new location (close to the old location).

Program Length: 70 minutes

The following films will play at this location:

A Kindness
Canada, 4 minutes, E. Jane E. Jane Thompson, 2012

A defining act from a stranger.

Jim & Frank
USA, 4 minutes, Tony Borden, 2011

Jim won't hire anyone but his wife, Frank won't work for anyone but himself, but fate is pulling the strings to bring them together.

The Queen of My Dreams
USA, 3 minutes, Fawzia Mirza & Ryan Logan, 2012

Fawzia fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and promise of perfection. Now, she looks back and reimagines one epic romance.

USA, 6 minutes, Kat Candler, 2012

All hell breaks loose when seven-year old Petey is left with his hell raising brothers, but things go from bad to really, really bad when Dad gets home.

The Aquadettes
USA, Drea Cooper, 10 minutes, 2011

 On Life, Death, and Synchronized Swimming

Living Tiny
USA, 7 minutes, Paul Meyers & Paul Donatelli, 2011

A new vision of home is explored as three Californians seek an alternative to traditional construction.

We Refuse to Be Cold
Canada, 7 minutes, Alexander Carson, 2011

A couple makes a pact for winter.

5 minutes


A Finger, Two Dots Then Me
USA, David & Daniel Holechek, 8 minutes, 2011

What happens when we die? Renowned beat poet Derrick Brown takes a stab at some of life's biggest questions.

Margo Lily
Canada, 8 mins., Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart, 2011

In the dead of winter a couple tries to plant a tree in memory of their recent loss.

Voice Over
Spain, 10 minutes, Martin Rosete, 2011

A stranded astronaut struggles as he runs out of oxygen, but then…





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